Can You Put Coffee Grounds Down The Sink?

Sometimes we can get careless when we are in the kitchen, and one of the things you can do in such cases is pouring Coffee Grounds Down The Sink. But is it okay for you to do so? Well, that’s a question that we will answer right now for you. And we will talk about all the problems that can be caused by pouring Coffee Grounds Down The Sink. So, let’s start the topic without wasting any more time.

Coffee Grounds Down the Sink

Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Sink?

If you were to do some online search on Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Sink? You will get different results, some people claiming that it will help you get rid of the nasty smell from your drains. And you will also have some people claiming it will damage the gutters. So, which one should you believe in? And is there a correct and perfect answer to your problem? That’s precisely what we are here for, so here’s the answer you are looking for.

According to a professional blocked drain Plumber, you should never put anything down your drain that doesn’t belong there. And the coffee grounds are certainly one of the things that you should never put in your gutters. Now back to the original question, Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Sink? The answer is no.

Is It Bad To Put Coffee Grounds Down The Sink?

Now to the next question that many people often ask “Is It Bad To Put Coffee Ground Down The Sink? And the answer is yes; believe it or not, it might be one of the worst ideas that someone can come up with. It will cause you significant problems when you do so, unlike regular food items, which break down when you throw them in the sink drain. Coffee grounds tend to clump together whenever they get in touch with water. And your drain pipes are always filled with water from the bottom up to the very top. So, it will lead to a variety of problems for you.

These problems can be minor to something significant where you would need to hire Professional Plumbers for repairs. So, we think that should explain the answer to your question of Is It Bad To Put Coffee Grounds Down The Sink. So, you should never pour Coffee Grounds Down The Sink, and if you do, you should be ready to tackle the problems afterward.

What Are The Problems Caused By Putting Coffee Grounds Down The Drain?

Due to the nature of the coffee ground, you will find yourself facing a few plumbing problems. Some of them can be easily solved, while some require Professional Plumbers to come to help you.

The Clog That’s Inevitable

The biggest problem that is often created due to sending Coffee Grounds Down Drain Septic and drain pipes is a clog. Clogging drain pipes is one of the biggest problems you are likely to face when you pour Coffee Grounds Down Drain The Sink. Such clogs can lead to complete blockage of the drains, eventually leading to backflow in the worst cases. Additionally, it can also lead to flooding your house to the potential risk of leak and bursting of the drain pipes. 

Smelly House And Dirty Drains

Another problem that you are likely to face is the dirty smell of drains in your house. And it is often caused due to blocked drain pipes. When you pour Coffee Ground Down The Sink, it will dirty the entire drain pipes. If the dirtiness is higher than expected, you will find yourself facing drain blocks, which will eventually lead to your whole house being filled with the foul smell of all the garbage in your drain.

Can You Wash Coffee Grounds Down The Sink?

Washing Coffee Grounds Down The Sink isn’t anything unheard of, and it is quite the opposite. It is something that a lot of people like you and us occasionally do. And just like every other bad idea, it usually leads to several plumbing problems. So, we advise you not to wash Coffee Grounds Down The Sink. And the answer to your question of Can You Wash Coffee Grounds Down The Sink is simple no.

What To Do If You Accidentally Sent Coffee Grounds Down Drain Septic?

The very first thing that anyone should do is call 24 hour Plumber Stanmore and ask for their advice. And you should abide by their advice and do exactly what they tell you to do. If you are lucky, you are likely good to go with something as simple as drain cleaning. However, if you are not fortunate enough, you would need to drain clog removal. It is compulsory and a must if you want to avoid the backflow in your drain system.

Although there are solutions to problems like Coffee Grounds Down The Sink, you should never do something like that. It’s always ideal to go for prevention rather than going for the cure. So, Always keep in mind what you are doing, and whether it is something good or bad. And it would be best if you also did some thorough research to know about all the problems it can cause. It will help you avoid all of the issues before they had any chances of occurring in the first place.

Why is Your Water Bill So High?

An increase in the water bill as compared to the previous month could be due to two reasons. First, you are living a luxurious lifestyle, or secondly, there is a leakage in your plumbing system. Many people like a simple living lifestyle and use water as required. They know how water is a precious element on earth. You can also own this idea of saving water. Ignoring a pinhole size leak in the water pipe can lead to severe wastage of water. It is important to look into the issue and fix it at the earliest.

Water Leakage due to Plumbing Issues not only causes damage to the property but can also lead to high water bills. So, do check the toilet, sinks, and showers to rule out the cause of leakage. If you receive a water bill that is too high you should check out the common causes that are the source of the high bill. Life without water is not possible as it is one of the most essential human needs. No one can avoid using water from cooking to showering and cleaning.

The water bill will continue to increase day by day. The best way to reduce the water bill is to reduce the water usage or by following strategies that will work out to help you to reduce the water bill. You can significantly lower the water bill by limiting your behavior of water wastage. Here are a few common reasons that result in high water bills and the best possible ways to address them.

Why Is Your Water Bill So High

Most Common Reasons For High Water Bill

If you find your water bill higher than normal then it is important to track down the root source of leakage or for water leakage detection service in your area. This will not only help you repair it as early as possible but also lower your water bill. Some of the reasons are:

Leaking Toilets 

This is the main cause for the high rate of water bills. You might not be surprised that a running or leaky toilet can waste up to thousands of gallons of water per month. This in turn results in hundreds of dollars to your water bill. The cause of this leakage can be a faulty flapper in the toilet bank. It is easy to track this leakage in your toilet. If you come across any odd hiss like noise in the toilet, then you should check the tank flapper or water line connection to confirm the leakage with the help of local plumbers.

Leaky Faucets and Fixtures

This is yet another cause for your high water bill. With the heavy leakage through the faucets, more water is wasted and higher will be the water bill. But these leaky faucets are relatively easy to be traced and fixed in a short period. So you should check all your faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures to identify any leak in the pipes. A faulty rubber washer in the faucet is the most common reason for the leakage. This can be done manually by shutting down the water to the leaky faucet, unscrewing the handle, removing the bad washer, and replacing it with the new washer. 

Irrigation Leaks

Some of the leaks may occur outdoors. Even if you have switched off the irrigation system for your landscaping it could allow the water to leak. This is due to a line crack or a loose joint. To trace out the leakage you should check your lawn to find unusual damp patches on the grass and the surroundings. All these can cause a high raise to your water bills. These leaks are not easily spotted and are a little bit tricky to fix.

Line Leakage 

It is also possible your underground water pipes may have a crack or loose joint from your metered connection to your place. Any leakage in the Water Supply Pipe can increase the consumption of water and result in a severe increase in your water bill. As these leaks are unable to be tracked down, the best way is to hire the professional plumbing services of the plumbing companies. They will assist and provide you with an excellent solution with home plumbing repair and replacement requirements.

Bad Habits of Wasting Water

Many times a sustainable water bill can be due to overconsumption of water affiliated with the appliances and the home utilities. These includes: 

  • Use of top-loading laundry machines that consume 200% more water than the advanced front-loading laundry machine.
  • Overflowing of the lawns and direct use of water-consuming amusement toys and equipment.
  • Prolonged and unnecessary usage of showers can result in thousands of gallons of water wastage and high water bills.
  • Running water used for washing the dishes consumes 4-5 times more water as compared to the dishwashers.
  • Keep running tap water at the times of brushing teeth or shaving is yet another cause for higher monthly water bills.

How Does Sewer Line Camera Inspection Work?

With advancements in technology, the plumbing industry has reached new heights of success. Gone are the days when plumbers had to use bulky equipment pieces and other manual tools. Owing to technological innovations, plumbers now use a wide array of tools to solve various plumbing issues. One of the most common approaches to deal with sewer issues is the sewer line camera inspection. Here, we will discuss what the tool is and how it works to resolve the underlying problem.

What is a Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

The sewer line camera inspection is a method in which the sewer line camera collects information on the damage. With the assistance of the images, the plumbers can identify the problem, locate the area and come up with viable solutions.

The sewer line camera is actually a small flexible camera that is specifically built to infiltrate the sewer pipes and lines. It allows the plumber to understand the intensity of the damage while providing data on the exact location. Here, the plumbers can take note of even the tiniest issues. With this modern ethnology at disposal, the experts do not need to start digging up areas. Thus, the landscape remains undisturbed.

Working On The Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Are you curious about sewer line camera inspection? In this method, a high-quality camera is fixed on a flexible rod. Then, the end of the rod with the camera goes into the pipelines. Due to the flexibility of the rod, the plumber can move the camera more and get the required images. The lack of mobility issues helps a great deal. Now, the experts can get visual pictures of the internal component of the pipes.

In case of complicated issues with the sewer line, a Pipeline Inspection Gauge or PIG is used. Here, the sewer line camera is attached to the PIG. Basically, the PIG is a mechanical cylindrical body that moves across the pipes to offer more precise images. With the additional lighting feature, the picture becomes much more bright and clear.

Though the sewer line camera inspection is not a method to resolve the issue, it is a crucial step. It is only due to this equipment that the plumber can make appropriate decisions. Traditionally, the entire pipeline area would be under digging, disrupting the neighbourhood as well as landscape.

With this fine machinery, there is no need to cause any additional issues. Moreover, due to such detailed information, the plumber can quickly resolve the problem.

Problems That The Sewer Line Camera Inspection Can Solve

With the sewer line camera inspection, the plumber can solve a wide array of concerns. These include –

  •  Collapsing of pipes: Due to the tendency of the soil beneath the house to shift, sometimes the sewer line pipes can collapse or develop cracks. Moreover, misalignment of the pipes can also lead to further damage.
  • Clogged pipelines: While trees do contribute to the beautification of the backyard, the tee roots are an absolute nuisance. They can penetrate the sewer pipes and block the entrance. It can lead to the accumulation of sewer wasters and other foreign particles, leading to a clog formation.
  • Corrosion of pipes: With time, old pipes can become prone to corrosion and deterioration. If not treated immediately, it can cause the collapse of the pipe, leading to more issues.
  • Leaky joints: Damaged seals between the sewer pipes can lead to leaking joints. It can cause a great deal of trouble if you don’t fix the issue at once. Apart from the increase in water bills, you might also face extensive damage.

Having Issues With The Sewer Line? Get Expert Help Now!

There are numerous causes that can lead to issues with the sewer line. However, with technological advancement, it becomes easy to inspect, diagnose and solve the problem. For instance, with the CCTV camera inspection plumbers can now understand the exact damage, along with the location of the problem. It will ultimately aid in resolving the plumbing problem as soon as possible.

Plumbing Stanmore offers a wide range of plumbing services. Our team of licensed plumbers and technicians has the required skill and technical training needed to tackle different crises. Moreover, we use professional-standard tools and equipment pieces. Furthermore, you can opt for our services at all hours, and we charge attractive price rates. Just give us a call, and we will be right there!

What Is Roof Plumbing?

It is vital to remember that not all plumbing is the same. There are various areas that require different skills when it comes to plumbing. If you need regular plumbing maintenance, then calling a domestic one makes sense. However, if the issue is particularly related to the roof, you must get in touch with roof plumbers. These are expert professionals who have the technical training and skill needed to deal with various situations. Now, are you curious to know – what is roof plumbing?

Roof Plumbing – Explained!

Do you want to know what is roof plumbing? Roof plumbing is basically a broad term that covers installation, repair, and maintenance of roofs, downpipes, and gutters. Moreover, it also involves the management of the stormwater drainage system. Furthermore, the maintenance of the stormwater pipes to the disposal point is also overseen.

When Do You Need a Roof Plumber?

Now that you know what is roof plumbing, it is vital to know when to get in touch with one. There are various situations that require the expert assistance of the professionals.

Check out some of the scenarios here.

Repair roof leaks

There are multiple reasons that can contribute to roof leakage. The common causes include issues with the stormwater drainage, blocked gutter, etc. If you encounter any of these problems, you must get in touch with professional roof plumbers immediately.

In this case, preventive maintenance is the best solution. You must conduct periodical gutter and roof cleaning.

Damage to Roof Flashing

The next step after knowing what is roof plumbing is to understand when to call in the experts. Damages to the roof flashing are one such problem. The main role of the flashing is to block the entry of water inside the roof. That is why these are installed surrounding the skylights, chimneys, etc.

Improper installation of the roof flashing can lead to leaks. It can ultimately cause damage to the tiles. Professional roof plumbers can handle this situation with ease.

Installation of Rainwater Tank

In order to conserve the water resources, installation of the rainwater tank is an essential step. As per the household requirements, you can use the gathered rainwater to water the plants in the garden, flush toilets, etc.

Proper designing of the rainwater harvesting unit is crucial. Here, there are various factors that you must consider. For instance, suitable size of the tank, addition of tank screens, installation of backflow prevention equipment, etc. If installed properly, the rainwater units can cause a reduction in the water bills by almost 70%.

Maintenance of Downpipes and Gutters

Roof plumbers can also help with the maintenance of the gutter system. They make sure that the downpipes and gutters move the rainwater from the property. It will help in the prevention of water standing around the house.

If water seeps into the foundation of the house, it can cause extensive harm. For instance, erosion and mildew growth are relatively common. For that, gutter cleaning at regular intervals is essential.

How to Become a Professional Roof plumber?

Professional roof plumbers finish an apprenticeship that lasts for four years. For this, they also have to complete a Certificate III in Roof Plumbing (CPC32612). With the required accreditation and license, anyone can work legally as a roof plumber.

Having Issues With the Roof? Attain Expert Aid Now!

There are various reasons that can lead to issues with the roof. For instance, you can suffer from roof leaks or outgrowth of mildew and mould. Irrespective of the cause, you must get in touch with professionals immediately. You might know what is roof plumbing, but it is inadvisable to attempt to fix the problem on your own. Keep in mind that licensed roof plumbers can offer the best solutions.

Plumbing Stanmore offers a wide range of plumbing services. We have a team of licensed roof plumbers and technicians who can diagnose the issues and formulate apt solutions. Moreover, we use the latest tools and materials and opt for the safest routes. Furthermore, we charge affordable price rates and are open at all hours. Just get in touch with us, and we will be there immediately!

How To Turn On Gas Meter?

Natural gas is one of the most demanding natural resources. Most of the households use it in their daily lives. As such, any issue with the gas meter or gas leakage can lead to dangerous consequents. When stored in a safe container, natural gas is extremely useful. However, on the event that it leaks and mixes with air, it makes the situation dangerous. For instance, you run the risk of massive explosions or health deterioration. It is vital to know how to turn on gas meter safely. Here, safety is the most vital aspect.

Steps To Turn On The Gas Meter Easily

There are some steps that you must follow for switching on the gas meter safely. Make sure that you follow the instructions rigidly. It is advisable not to improvise. Moreover, if you are unsuccessful at the first try, the best solution is to get in touch with the professionals.

Here, take a look at the steps listed to know more about how to turn on gas meter.

How To Turn On Gas Meter

Step 1: Turn off all the household appliances

The foremost thing that you must do is check if all the household appliances are turned off. This is vital in order to maintain the safety of the house. Be sure that appliances such as cooker, heater, oven, etc. are switched off.

Step 2: Find the gas meter

Now, you must locate the gas meter. It is usually found at the side of the house. However, you might also locate it in the yard.

But, if you live in a flat, then chances are that it is situated on the ground floor. Then, you must check if the gas meter is fastened to the pipe. If it is not the case, then do not do anything. Instead, call the utility company.

Step 3: Turn on the gas meter

After you have located the gas meter, you must turn it on. For this, make sure that the handle of the valve is in a vertical position. It means that the handle must be parallel to the gas inlet pipe.

If you are having issues turning the valve with your hand, you can use the crescent wrench. However, if you do not have that particular wrench, you can use any other suitable tool.

Now, it is better to also know about the off position. When the handle of the valve is perpendicular to the pipe, then it means that the gas meter is off.

Note: After turning on the gas meter, wait for fifteen seconds and then turn it off. Keep an eye on if the meter dial still moves after the fifteen seconds, then it could indicate to a gas leak. Moreover, it can also point out that you have mistakenly left any gas appliance on.

Now, if all the gas appliances are turned off, then you have a potential gas leak on your hand. The best move here is to get in touch with professional gas fitters and plumber. They will know how to handle the situation.

If the dial does not move, then you can be sure that the gas is turned on and move into the house and to check it.

Step 4: Test if the gas meter is on

The best way to check if you have successfully turned on the meter is to light up the burner presents on the cooker. Now, it may take some minutes. You must allow the gas to flow from the gas meter. To ensure that the flow is smooth, let it remain alight for a minimum of three minutes. After that, turn it off. 

Step 5: Check the other gas-related appliances

The last step involves checking the other remaining household appliances. For this, you can read the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Having Issues With The Gas Meter? Get in Contact With The Experts Now!

Problems related to the gas meter are a common issue. Sometimes, it might get difficult to turn it on. In that case, you can follow some steps to fix it. But for that, you need to know about it. However, when the issue still remains unresolved, it is better to call in the experts. Keep in mind that gas is highly flammable and can cause a wide range of issues when it is in the air.

We, Plumbing Stanmore offers various types of plumbing services. We have a team of experienced plumbers, gas fitters and technicians that can tackle any issue with ease. You can trust us to keep your house safe. Moreover, we use high-quality tools and have flexible schedules. Our rates are affordable too. You can give us a call whenever you want and we will be there immediately!

How to Remove Plumbers Putty?

plumbers putty is a mixture used in various plumbing services. Have you ever come across some residue underneath the faucet? That is the plumber’s putty, and it is generally used as a waterproof sealant in taps, drains, etc. However, sometimes, the putty becomes dry and hardens. In those cases, knowing how to remove plumbers putty is an excellent skill. Lucky for you, it is not a very daunting task. But, it does require you to have a basic knowledge of the putty.

How to remove plumbers putty
How to remove plumbers putty

What is the plumbers putty?

Before you know how to remove plumbers putty, you must have a clear idea about what it is. The plumber’s putty is a mixture of linseed oil and clay. But, there are different varieties available in the stores nowadays.

A word of caution! Be careful while purchasing a plumber’s putty. If the mixture contains linseed oil and mineral spirits, then do not use it on marble or granite. It stains the porous surfaces massively. In such cases, using silicone is a better alternative.

If you are confused about purchasing silicone or plumbers putty, then consider the place of application. For instance, sink drains can be sealed with the putty, but utility drains will require silicone. It is because while the putty is easy to remove, it is not permanent. If you need to seal off an active leak, then putty will not do the trick.

If you want to be sure about the quality of the putty, then check the softness. A high-quality plumber’s putty will be soft and malleable. If it is hard, to begin with, then it is advisable to discard the bottle.

Also, make sure that you clean the area thoroughly before applying the putty. If there are dirt particles and debris, it can form tiny holes and cause leakage soon.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Removing Plumbers Putty

To know how to remove plumbers putty, you must be aware of some facts. Knowing them will assist you in accomplishing the tasks with relative ease. Check out the tips listed here, and make sure to not place the new putty over the old one.

  • Use pressure on the plumbing joint. It will make a crack in the putty, and now you can easily remove it. Also, make sure to chip off the excess with the aid of the putty knife.
  • However, sometimes putty can become more stubborn. In those cases, heat will help. You can, either use a hairdryer, or you can use a reputed heat gun. All you have to do is place the heat directly on the putty. As a result, the putty will get soft, and you can remove it with ease.

Bonus: Just knowing how to remove plumbers putty is not enough. You might also come across some linseed oil. You can clean this with the aid of a mixture of water and soap. However, if this method is not effective, then there is another way. You can also employ a paint thinner or mineral spirit. Take a generous amount and wipe the oil with a cloth.

Get Flawless Service with the Aid of Professionals!

Learning how to remove plumbers putty is an important plumbing skill. It is vital that you know the basic skills required so that you can handle the little fixes here and there without any aid. However, sometimes complexities can arise out of nowhere. In that case, it is better to get in touch with the experts rather than attempting something that you know almost nothing about.

Plumbing Stanmore is one of the best plumbing service providers in the field. We have a team of licensed plumbers who have years of experience to do the plumbing work or any particular plumbing service. Moreover, we are available for emergencies and charge reasonable prices. Contact us, and we will remove the putty in no time!

Why You Shouldn’t Flush Any Feminine Product

Most of the feminine products are mainly compostable. Even so, when you know that any plumbing system or water system can be ruined by panty liners, maxi pads, diapers, as well as other “drain-friendly” items, you’ll think more carefully before ever rinsing them anyway. Below we have discussed how these feminine products are not suitable for your toilet flush and drains.

How Can The Plumbing Device Be Affected by Feminine Hygiene Products?

Have you ever seen a warning telling everyone not to wash feminine items in the washroom? Many tiny dumpsters in the bathroom are usually placed beside the sink or behind the door, not only for entertainment, but they are placed to accommodate the correct storage of feminine items that should never fall down a toilet. 

Therefore, Here’s The Reason Why:

  1. Tampons are a popular menstrual item used by women. On average, after filling of fluid tampons expand ten times in volume. This makes them suitable for impeding wastewater drainage, particularly in old pipes where tree roots have begun to develop into the drains.
  2. Tampons seldom break. This implies that if in case one is stuck on something on the journey down the drain, unlike toilet roll, it really doesn’t disappear. In fact, before you will contact a plumbing service to remove the obstacle, the tampon can persist in the tube and cause other material to develop around itself. Ultimately, it will create a huge blockage.
  3. That’s not in the crystal clear, even though your washed feminine goods made this out of your plumbing system. Even farther down the road, it might create an obstruction, causing plumbing issues for the people who live next door. That’s also one quickest way of making you dislike your neighbor!
  4. The power plant uses chemical or physical diversifies to break them down together with other bio – renewable things that end in the sewer once tampons make it back to the wastewater treatment facility.

Other Things That You Can Never Flush

In your home, make it a policy not to ever dispose of anything except human waste and toilet roll. Even though the term “flushable” is printed right on the package, there are no exceptions. Therefore, For certain producers, “flushable” simply means that when you wash, the item is tiny enough to vanish down the toilet drain. But something bigger than just a golf ball is “flushable” with this argument.

Few Products Which are Often Flush and It Should Never Go Down a Toilet:

  1. Any disposable product
  2. Pads Maxi
  3. Clips and swabs for cotton
  4. Wipes of any kind, including those labelled “flushable”
  5. Bandages of adhesive
  6. Plastic packets
  7. Preservatives
  8. Diapers
  9. Kids wipes

Call for a Professional

If you are facing these types of issues in your home, it’s the right time to call a plumber. Plumbing Stanmore is the best company for this type of job. Therefore, Our experts will clear your drain, unblocked your toilets and even repair all kinds of piping systems.

Previous Article – How to detect a gas leak?

How To Detect A Gas Leak?

Gas leaks can be hazardous and life-threatening, and gas leaks are something that should be kept in mind in every property. There are gases that are poisonous and some gases like natural gas or LPG that pose a big risk of fire or explosion. Therefore it is very essential to keep yourself safe by remaining aware of the risk and how to detect a gas leak. There are many ways through which you can test a gas leak.

There Are Five Ways You Can Use To Detect Any Gas Leak


It is basically a carbon monoxide gas detector. Carbon monoxide gas is colourless and odourless gas but is toxic to the body. So, it can be detected by a carbon monoxide detector, keeping the detector at a low rise at any outlet since it is heavier than air can help detect the gas leakage. 

There are few points to keep in mind using a gas detector:

How To Detect A Gas Leak
How To Detect A Gas Leak
  • The gas detector should only be covered with the wooden furniture or the curtain.
  • If you are fond of keeping pets or you have kids, it is advisable to implement the detector at the chest level in order to avoid any interference.


This sounds quite funny, but it is true. For safety reasons, the gas suppliers add an odorant (Ethyl Mercaptan) to help detect a gas leak at your home. Check your appliances thoroughly. Natural and LPG gas are the gases that are used in every household, check-in your kitchen or in your bathroom if you are using a gas heater. If the smell is similar to a rotten egg, then surely the gas might be leaking. Call the Professionals Gas Plumber immediately and get it fixed.


A hand-held natural gas detector is a portable detector that can sense the gas concentration. In the areas of the high gas concentration, the alarm will go on and hence you get to know about the gas leakage in that particular area. But never keep your eyes off from the display meter of the device. 


This too sounds funny…right? But to detect gas leakage, your ears can be used too. Check for the hissing sound near the appliances. If you heard a faint hiss or the whistle sound that you haven’t heard before, walk towards that sound and listen to the change in the volume of the sound. If the volume rises there are greater chances of leakage at that particular point.


You may have a leak if you notice that your gas bills show higher consumption, in gas units than the same period in the previous year.

Usually, when there is a surge in the consumption of gas, it could mean that there’s a gas leak. As gas leaks amount to an increase in the extra gas bill. You can check this by just comparing the bill of last year to the current year. If you found any inconsistency, there may be high chances of an undetected gas leak. Sometimes, gas leaks are minor, which you cannot notice through smell or leaking sound. you must take help from professional Gas Hot Water Plumbing otherwise, it will definitely cost you in higher gas bills.

These leaks can be found using the comparison of precious bills to the current bill.  Make sure to notice only units such as cubic meters, cubic feet, litres, kilogram or gallon and not the gas price. Moreover, also consider the fact that during winter the gas consumption is higher.