How Does Sewer Line Camera Inspection Work?

With advancements in technology, the plumbing industry has reached new heights of success. Gone are the days when plumbers had to use bulky equipment pieces and other manual tools. Owing to technological innovations, plumbers now use a wide array of tools to solve various plumbing issues. One of the most common approaches to deal with sewer issues is the sewer line camera inspection. Here, we will discuss what the tool is and how it works to resolve the underlying problem.

What is a Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

The sewer line camera inspection is a method in which the sewer line camera collects information on the damage. With the assistance of the images, the plumbers can identify the problem, locate the area and come up with viable solutions.

The sewer line camera is actually a small flexible camera that is specifically built to infiltrate the sewer pipes and lines. It allows the plumber to understand the intensity of the damage while providing data on the exact location. Here, the plumbers can take note of even the tiniest issues. With this modern ethnology at disposal, the experts do not need to start digging up areas. Thus, the landscape remains undisturbed.

Working On The Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Are you curious about sewer line camera inspection? In this method, a high-quality camera is fixed on a flexible rod. Then, the end of the rod with the camera goes into the pipelines. Due to the flexibility of the rod, the plumber can move the camera more and get the required images. The lack of mobility issues helps a great deal. Now, the experts can get visual pictures of the internal component of the pipes.

In case of complicated issues with the sewer line, a Pipeline Inspection Gauge or PIG is used. Here, the sewer line camera is attached to the PIG. Basically, the PIG is a mechanical cylindrical body that moves across the pipes to offer more precise images. With the additional lighting feature, the picture becomes much more bright and clear.

Though the sewer line camera inspection is not a method to resolve the issue, it is a crucial step. It is only due to this equipment that the plumber can make appropriate decisions. Traditionally, the entire pipeline area would be under digging, disrupting the neighbourhood as well as landscape.

With this fine machinery, there is no need to cause any additional issues. Moreover, due to such detailed information, the plumber can quickly resolve the problem.

Problems That The Sewer Line Camera Inspection Can Solve

With the sewer line camera inspection, the plumber can solve a wide array of concerns. These include –

  •  Collapsing of pipes: Due to the tendency of the soil beneath the house to shift, sometimes the sewer line pipes can collapse or develop cracks. Moreover, misalignment of the pipes can also lead to further damage.
  • Clogged pipelines: While trees do contribute to the beautification of the backyard, the tee roots are an absolute nuisance. They can penetrate the sewer pipes and block the entrance. It can lead to the accumulation of sewer wasters and other foreign particles, leading to a clog formation.
  • Corrosion of pipes: With time, old pipes can become prone to corrosion and deterioration. If not treated immediately, it can cause the collapse of the pipe, leading to more issues.
  • Leaky joints: Damaged seals between the sewer pipes can lead to leaking joints. It can cause a great deal of trouble if you don’t fix the issue at once. Apart from the increase in water bills, you might also face extensive damage.

Having Issues With The Sewer Line? Get Expert Help Now!

There are numerous causes that can lead to issues with the sewer line. However, with technological advancement, it becomes easy to inspect, diagnose and solve the problem. For instance, with the CCTV camera inspection plumbers can now understand the exact damage, along with the location of the problem. It will ultimately aid in resolving the plumbing problem as soon as possible.

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