How to Remove Plumbers Putty?

plumbers putty is a mixture used in various plumbing services. Have you ever come across some residue underneath the faucet? That is the plumber’s putty, and it is generally used as a waterproof sealant in taps, drains, etc. However, sometimes, the putty becomes dry and hardens. In those cases, knowing how to remove plumbers putty is an excellent skill. Lucky for you, it is not a very daunting task. But, it does require you to have a basic knowledge of the putty.

How to remove plumbers putty
How to remove plumbers putty

What is the plumbers putty?

Before you know how to remove plumbers putty, you must have a clear idea about what it is. The plumber’s putty is a mixture of linseed oil and clay. But, there are different varieties available in the stores nowadays.

A word of caution! Be careful while purchasing a plumber’s putty. If the mixture contains linseed oil and mineral spirits, then do not use it on marble or granite. It stains the porous surfaces massively. In such cases, using silicone is a better alternative.

If you are confused about purchasing silicone or plumbers putty, then consider the place of application. For instance, sink drains can be sealed with the putty, but utility drains will require silicone. It is because while the putty is easy to remove, it is not permanent. If you need to seal off an active leak, then putty will not do the trick.

If you want to be sure about the quality of the putty, then check the softness. A high-quality plumber’s putty will be soft and malleable. If it is hard, to begin with, then it is advisable to discard the bottle.

Also, make sure that you clean the area thoroughly before applying the putty. If there are dirt particles and debris, it can form tiny holes and cause leakage soon.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Removing Plumbers Putty

To know how to remove plumbers putty, you must be aware of some facts. Knowing them will assist you in accomplishing the tasks with relative ease. Check out the tips listed here, and make sure to not place the new putty over the old one.

  • Use pressure on the plumbing joint. It will make a crack in the putty, and now you can easily remove it. Also, make sure to chip off the excess with the aid of the putty knife.
  • However, sometimes putty can become more stubborn. In those cases, heat will help. You can, either use a hairdryer, or you can use a reputed heat gun. All you have to do is place the heat directly on the putty. As a result, the putty will get soft, and you can remove it with ease.

Bonus: Just knowing how to remove plumbers putty is not enough. You might also come across some linseed oil. You can clean this with the aid of a mixture of water and soap. However, if this method is not effective, then there is another way. You can also employ a paint thinner or mineral spirit. Take a generous amount and wipe the oil with a cloth.

Get Flawless Service with the Aid of Professionals!

Learning how to remove plumbers putty is an important plumbing skill. It is vital that you know the basic skills required so that you can handle the little fixes here and there without any aid. However, sometimes complexities can arise out of nowhere. In that case, it is better to get in touch with the experts rather than attempting something that you know almost nothing about.

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