How To Turn On Gas Meter?

Natural gas is one of the most demanding natural resources. Most of the households use it in their daily lives. As such, any issue with the gas meter or gas leakage can lead to dangerous consequents. When stored in a safe container, natural gas is extremely useful. However, on the event that it leaks and mixes with air, it makes the situation dangerous. For instance, you run the risk of massive explosions or health deterioration. It is vital to know how to turn on gas meter safely. Here, safety is the most vital aspect.

Steps To Turn On The Gas Meter Easily

There are some steps that you must follow for switching on the gas meter safely. Make sure that you follow the instructions rigidly. It is advisable not to improvise. Moreover, if you are unsuccessful at the first try, the best solution is to get in touch with the professionals.

Here, take a look at the steps listed to know more about how to turn on gas meter.

How To Turn On Gas Meter

Step 1: Turn off all the household appliances

The foremost thing that you must do is check if all the household appliances are turned off. This is vital in order to maintain the safety of the house. Be sure that appliances such as cooker, heater, oven, etc. are switched off.

Step 2: Find the gas meter

Now, you must locate the gas meter. It is usually found at the side of the house. However, you might also locate it in the yard.

But, if you live in a flat, then chances are that it is situated on the ground floor. Then, you must check if the gas meter is fastened to the pipe. If it is not the case, then do not do anything. Instead, call the utility company.

Step 3: Turn on the gas meter

After you have located the gas meter, you must turn it on. For this, make sure that the handle of the valve is in a vertical position. It means that the handle must be parallel to the gas inlet pipe.

If you are having issues turning the valve with your hand, you can use the crescent wrench. However, if you do not have that particular wrench, you can use any other suitable tool.

Now, it is better to also know about the off position. When the handle of the valve is perpendicular to the pipe, then it means that the gas meter is off.

Note: After turning on the gas meter, wait for fifteen seconds and then turn it off. Keep an eye on if the meter dial still moves after the fifteen seconds, then it could indicate to a gas leak. Moreover, it can also point out that you have mistakenly left any gas appliance on.

Now, if all the gas appliances are turned off, then you have a potential gas leak on your hand. The best move here is to get in touch with professional gas fitters and plumber. They will know how to handle the situation.

If the dial does not move, then you can be sure that the gas is turned on and move into the house and to check it.

Step 4: Test if the gas meter is on

The best way to check if you have successfully turned on the meter is to light up the burner presents on the cooker. Now, it may take some minutes. You must allow the gas to flow from the gas meter. To ensure that the flow is smooth, let it remain alight for a minimum of three minutes. After that, turn it off. 

Step 5: Check the other gas-related appliances

The last step involves checking the other remaining household appliances. For this, you can read the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Having Issues With The Gas Meter? Get in Contact With The Experts Now!

Problems related to the gas meter are a common issue. Sometimes, it might get difficult to turn it on. In that case, you can follow some steps to fix it. But for that, you need to know about it. However, when the issue still remains unresolved, it is better to call in the experts. Keep in mind that gas is highly flammable and can cause a wide range of issues when it is in the air.

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