Why is Your Water Bill So High?

An increase in the water bill as compared to the previous month could be due to two reasons. First, you are living a luxurious lifestyle, or secondly, there is a leakage in your plumbing system. Many people like a simple living lifestyle and use water as required. They know how water is a precious element on earth. You can also own this idea of saving water. Ignoring a pinhole size leak in the water pipe can lead to severe wastage of water. It is important to look into the issue and fix it at the earliest.

Water Leakage due to Plumbing Issues not only causes damage to the property but can also lead to high water bills. So, do check the toilet, sinks, and showers to rule out the cause of leakage. If you receive a water bill that is too high you should check out the common causes that are the source of the high bill. Life without water is not possible as it is one of the most essential human needs. No one can avoid using water from cooking to showering and cleaning.

The water bill will continue to increase day by day. The best way to reduce the water bill is to reduce the water usage or by following strategies that will work out to help you to reduce the water bill. You can significantly lower the water bill by limiting your behavior of water wastage. Here are a few common reasons that result in high water bills and the best possible ways to address them.

Why Is Your Water Bill So High

Most Common Reasons For High Water Bill

If you find your water bill higher than normal then it is important to track down the root source of leakage or for water leakage detection service in your area. This will not only help you repair it as early as possible but also lower your water bill. Some of the reasons are:

Leaking Toilets 

This is the main cause for the high rate of water bills. You might not be surprised that a running or leaky toilet can waste up to thousands of gallons of water per month. This in turn results in hundreds of dollars to your water bill. The cause of this leakage can be a faulty flapper in the toilet bank. It is easy to track this leakage in your toilet. If you come across any odd hiss like noise in the toilet, then you should check the tank flapper or water line connection to confirm the leakage with the help of local plumbers.

Leaky Faucets and Fixtures

This is yet another cause for your high water bill. With the heavy leakage through the faucets, more water is wasted and higher will be the water bill. But these leaky faucets are relatively easy to be traced and fixed in a short period. So you should check all your faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures to identify any leak in the pipes. A faulty rubber washer in the faucet is the most common reason for the leakage. This can be done manually by shutting down the water to the leaky faucet, unscrewing the handle, removing the bad washer, and replacing it with the new washer. 

Irrigation Leaks

Some of the leaks may occur outdoors. Even if you have switched off the irrigation system for your landscaping it could allow the water to leak. This is due to a line crack or a loose joint. To trace out the leakage you should check your lawn to find unusual damp patches on the grass and the surroundings. All these can cause a high raise to your water bills. These leaks are not easily spotted and are a little bit tricky to fix.

Line Leakage 

It is also possible your underground water pipes may have a crack or loose joint from your metered connection to your place. Any leakage in the Water Supply Pipe can increase the consumption of water and result in a severe increase in your water bill. As these leaks are unable to be tracked down, the best way is to hire the professional plumbing services of the plumbing companies. They will assist and provide you with an excellent solution with home plumbing repair and replacement requirements.

Bad Habits of Wasting Water

Many times a sustainable water bill can be due to overconsumption of water affiliated with the appliances and the home utilities. These includes: 

  • Use of top-loading laundry machines that consume 200% more water than the advanced front-loading laundry machine.
  • Overflowing of the lawns and direct use of water-consuming amusement toys and equipment.
  • Prolonged and unnecessary usage of showers can result in thousands of gallons of water wastage and high water bills.
  • Running water used for washing the dishes consumes 4-5 times more water as compared to the dishwashers.
  • Keep running tap water at the times of brushing teeth or shaving is yet another cause for higher monthly water bills.