Why You Shouldn’t Flush Any Feminine Product

Most of the feminine products are mainly compostable. Even so, when you know that any plumbing system or water system can be ruined by panty liners, maxi pads, diapers, as well as other “drain-friendly” items, you’ll think more carefully before ever rinsing them anyway. Below we have discussed how these feminine products are not suitable for your toilet flush and drains.

How Can The Plumbing Device Be Affected by Feminine Hygiene Products?

Have you ever seen a warning telling everyone not to wash feminine items in the washroom? Many tiny dumpsters in the bathroom are usually placed beside the sink or behind the door, not only for entertainment, but they are placed to accommodate the correct storage of feminine items that should never fall down a toilet. 

Therefore, Here’s The Reason Why:

  1. Tampons are a popular menstrual item used by women. On average, after filling of fluid tampons expand ten times in volume. This makes them suitable for impeding wastewater drainage, particularly in old pipes where tree roots have begun to develop into the drains.
  2. Tampons seldom break. This implies that if in case one is stuck on something on the journey down the drain, unlike toilet roll, it really doesn’t disappear. In fact, before you will contact a plumbing service to remove the obstacle, the tampon can persist in the tube and cause other material to develop around itself. Ultimately, it will create a huge blockage.
  3. That’s not in the crystal clear, even though your washed feminine goods made this out of your plumbing system. Even farther down the road, it might create an obstruction, causing plumbing issues for the people who live next door. That’s also one quickest way of making you dislike your neighbor!
  4. The power plant uses chemical or physical diversifies to break them down together with other bio – renewable things that end in the sewer once tampons make it back to the wastewater treatment facility.

Other Things That You Can Never Flush

In your home, make it a policy not to ever dispose of anything except human waste and toilet roll. Even though the term “flushable” is printed right on the package, there are no exceptions. Therefore, For certain producers, “flushable” simply means that when you wash, the item is tiny enough to vanish down the toilet drain. But something bigger than just a golf ball is “flushable” with this argument.

Few Products Which are Often Flush and It Should Never Go Down a Toilet:

  1. Any disposable product
  2. Pads Maxi
  3. Clips and swabs for cotton
  4. Wipes of any kind, including those labelled “flushable”
  5. Bandages of adhesive
  6. Plastic packets
  7. Preservatives
  8. Diapers
  9. Kids wipes

Call for a Professional

If you are facing these types of issues in your home, it’s the right time to call a plumber. Plumbing Stanmore is the best company for this type of job. Therefore, Our experts will clear your drain, unblocked your toilets and even repair all kinds of piping systems.

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